Meet Erin Yale

I want to empower the community to think broadly and differently about cancer prevention and the possibility of a healthier future, if not for ourselves for our children

Pushing Pink Elephants was born from the vision of Founder, Erin Yale.  After her breast cancer diagnosis in early 2012, she was inspired to raise awareness beyond the pink ribbon. While Erin recognized that breast cancer awareness had opened doors for many women, she believed the pink ribbon had done its job. Awareness was everywhere and women now felt empowered to take control of their health. But Erin believed that we needed to do more. Women were (and are) still being diagnosed and continued to face metastatic cancers, many missed during mammograms. Thus, Erin was moved to push beyond awareness toward prevention. 

In 2017, Erin was diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 breast cancer which had spread to the bones, lymph nodes, and eventually her organs. As she continued her fight for the next two years, Erin was a light that shone brightly, inspiring many through her work with Pushing Pink Elephants and by sharing her personal story on her blog. It was during her personal battle while she focused not just on traditional and holistic treatments, but also on emotional, mental, and spiritual health, that our Trivium of Wellness was born. Erin led Pushing Pink Elephants with a clear vision and passion until her passing in August 2019. Even as she fought her own battle, she selflessly devoted her time and resources to pushing education and research linked directly to prevention so that others wouldn’t suffer as she had. 


Pushing Pink Elephants is dedicated to continuing the work Erin so passionately inspired.

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