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Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body

By: Jillian Michaels


Does it feel as if you’re fighting your body to lose even one pound—or just to maintain your current weight? Respected health and wellness expert and bestselling author Jillian Michaels has been there, too. So she consulted top experts in the field of metabolism and discovered that she’d inadvertently been abusing her endocrine system for years. After “fixing” her own metabolism, she decided to share what she learned by devising this simple, 3-phase plan that engages all the weight-loss hormones (including the friendly HGH, testosterone, DHEA; and the not-so-friendly: insulin, cortisol, and excess estrogen).

In Master Your Metabolism, discover how to:
•REMOVE “anti-nutrients” from your diet
•RESTORE foods that speak directly to fat-burning genes
•REBALANCE energy and your hormones for effortless weight loss

Michaels offers a wealth of information throughout, including: shopping lists and online shopping resources, hormone-trigger food charts, how to eat “power nutrient” foods on a budget, smart strategies for eating out, quick and easy recipes, as well as mini-programs for addressing PMS, andropause, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, and menopause.

The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body

By: Cameron Diaz


Throughout her career, Cameron Diaz has been a role model for millions of women. By her own admission, though, this fit, athletic star wasn't always as health-conscious as she is today. Her consumption of bad foods had an effect on her skin and her body. "If you are what you eat," she says, "I was a bean burrito with extra cheese and extra sauce, no onions." Learning about the inseparable link between nutrition and health was just one of the life-changing lessons that sparked Cameron's passion to explore the best ways to care for her body. In The Body Book, she shares the knowledge she's gained both from personal experience and from consulting with health experts.


Beginning with nutrition, Cameron explains why instead of fearing hunger, women should embrace their body's instinct for fuel and satisfy it with whole, nutrient-dense foods.


Cameron also explains the essential role of consistent physical activity. Many women think about exercise in terms of pounds lost or muscle tone gained, but don't realize that working up a sweat is also essential for improving mood, boosting energy levels, and preventing disease. Cameron offers tips for choosing the right exercise program and shares her own workout strategies for looking and feeling your best.


Creating a healthy, beautiful body begins with learning the facts and turning knowledge into action. In The Body Book, women will find the tools they need to build a healthier body now—so they can live joyfully in it for years to come




Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen 

By: Annette Ramke & Kendall Scott



Jacket Cover:

Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen is
the ultimate resource for the woman who has been handed the cancer
card--and for the one who never wants to get it. Authors Annette Ramke and
Kendall Scott are cancer survivors, so they know exactly what it's like to deal
with "the Big C." Here they share girlfriend-style, real-life
knowledge and experience about the healing power of food, along with their
stories of cancer ups and downs--with more than 100 recipes for fighting
cancer and soothing symptoms of treatment. Whether someone is in the thick of
"Cancer World" and wants to know what to expect, or for anyone who
wants to do all they can to boost their health, Kicking Cancer in the
Kitchen offers guidance on not only surviving, but thriving--before,
during, and after cancer.


Our review:

Erin - I loved this book and wish I would have had this during my own treatment. It is so down to earth and a fantastic nutrition guide for those just getting their feet wet. This would be a great book to give to a girlfriend, mother, sister or aunt in your life who has been recently diagnosed with cancer. I have tried many of the recipes and have enjoyed each, and due to some of the major changes I have made in my own diet, many of the ingredients are already in my pantry.


Carey - The personal story sharing from the two authors is great.  It is always nice to read a book that you can relate to - even if you haven't been through the same experiences.  The recipes sound wonderful, yet have some difficult to find ingredients.  I am not a big fan of cooking, but do plan to try some of these soon! -Carey



Crazy Sexy Diet - Eat your veggies, ignite your spark and live like you mean it!

By: Kris Carr


Jacket Cover:

Infused with Kris Carr's signature sass, wit,  and advise-from-the-trenches style, Crazy Sexy Diet is a beautifully illustrated resource that puts you on the fast track to vibrant healthy and happiness. This new journey into a realm vital to anyone's health comes on the heels of Carr's best-selling cancer survival guidebooks and acclaimed TLC documentary.


Along with help from her posse of experts, Carr lays out the fundamentals of her Crazy Sexy Diet: a low-fat, low-glycemic, vegetarian program that emphasizes balancing the pH of the body with lush whole foods, nourishing organic green drinks, and scrumptious smoothies. Plus, she shares the steps of her own 21-Day Cleanse, and simple but delectable sample recipes.


In ten chapters Carr empowers you to move from a state of constant bodily damage control to one of repair and renewal. In addition a debunking common diet myths and sharing methods for detoxifying our bodies and psyches drawing both on her personal experience as a cancer survivor and the advice of experts - she provides helpful tips on self-care, stretching a dollar, navigating the grocery store, eating well on the run, and working through the inevitable pangs and cravings for your old, not-so-healthy life.


Our Review: 

Shortly after my diagnosis with Breast Cancer a close friend sent me Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips and Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor books. They were both full of great tips and information on dealing with Cancer, especially at a young age. I immediately became a fan and felt empowered by her positive and healthy outlook on life. I went out and bought her Crazy Sexy Diet Book and things started to click. As I read though the chapters about dairy, sugars, pH balance, meats and many more great topic, I started to piece together and understand just how important what we eat and put in our bodies really is. I started telling my friends and sharing the information I learned from this book with others. I enlisted friends to take the 21-Day Cleans Challenge. My husband and I started eating more raw vegetables and cut out a large percentage of the red meats we eat. We started experiencing the power of the green juice and it really does make you feel better, the benefits are so worth it. This book is full of bent page corners, tabs and highlights. I re-read it often to reinforce why splenda is bad, acid vs alkaline foods, enzymes, gluten, probiotics, and so much more. Enjoy and I hope this book is as beneficial to you as it was for me - Erin


Becoming Raw - The essential guide to raw vegan diets


By: Brenda Davis, RD and Vesanto Melina, MS, RD


Jacket Cover:

Raw diets are gaining popularity due to their reputation for providing radiant health and reversing many common ailments. People adopt raw diets to lose weight, for ethical reasons, or become fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds are nutrition powerhouses.


Becoming Raw will help you design a raw or mainly raw vegan diet that is nutritionally safe and adequate and is optimal-nourishing your body, mind, and soul. It offers sound nutrition guidelines based on current research from peer-reviewed medical literature and includes simple, delicious recipes along with simple menus to get you started.


Nutrition experts and registered dietitians Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina explain how you can meet your recommended intake for every nutrient with an entirely or mainly raw vegan diet. They provide science-based answers to the tough questions surrounding raw vegan diets:

  • Can you get enough protein by eating mainly fruit?
  • How do you get adequate vitamin B12, iron, and calcium?
  • Do enzymes in raw foods really contribute to human health?
  • Can cancer and other chronic diseases be prevented by eating a raw vegan diet?


You'll learn whether cooking truly destroys nutrients, is necessary for food safety, or removes anti-nutrients. Plus, for the first time anywhere, vegetarian historian Rynn Berry presents a coherent, objective narrative tracing the history of the raw-food movement in the United States.

Perfect 10 Diet - 10 Key hormones that hold the secret to losing weight and feel great - fast


By: Michael Aziz, M.D. 


This book details the 10 key hormones that hold the secret to losing weight and feeling great fast. Developed by Dr. Michael Aziz the founder and director of midtown integrated medicine, this book identifies 10 key hormones and how regulating them can provide the ultimate diet. This book talks about many other aspects of health and nutrition and is a great source of information.

The G.I. Handbook - Glycemic Index, how the glycemic index works


By: Barbara Ravage


Jacket Cover:

The glycemic index (G.I. for short) is not a diet. It is a guide for healthy eating that can help you make the long-term changes you need to achieve your desired weight, reduce the risk of health problems, and get all the nutrients you need from a well-balanced diet. It allows you a wide range of choices without getting you hung up on numbers. Best of all, it offers freedom from hunger and cravings.


The G.I. Handbook is a compact guide to help you navigate the world of diet and nutrition. It make sense of the carbohydrate controversy, not matter what your goals. Find out all you need to know about:

  • What the glycemic index is
  • Who needs the glycemic index
  • How to plan meals at home and when eating out
  • The big picture: how to lose weight successfully
  • The G.I. way to healthy living
  • How to rate the foods you eat using the G.I. range of a large selection of everyday foods and ingredients


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