Mary Erikson

Board Member
The biggest accomplishment for me, would be to know that I was able to help someone else through a very difficult time.

Where do you live? 

Joppa, MD


What path led you to working with Pushing Pink Elephants? 

My breast cancer Diagnosis led me to PPE. I was grateful for the support that PPE gave me during my battle with cancer, and I wanted to give back. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2016, I was the most physically fit I had been in decades. I also ate a healthy diet and juiced daily, I believe that these things helped me get through the chemo treatments and surgery far better than those who had not led a healthy lifestyle prior to their diagnosis.


How is serving on the Board of Pushing Pink Elephants helping you to achieve your personal goals?

I believe that God gives us gifts that we should share with others. Through PPE, I hope to be able to use those gifts to provide hope and encouragement to others battling cancer. I also would like to share
the natural cancer treatments I have used such as, mistletoe therapy. I think that Western medicine is far behind Eastern medicine in natural treatments for cancer, I hope that through PPE local patients will learn more about possible alternative treatments..


What do you want to accomplish by serving on the Board? 

I would like to reach out to others who have been diagnosed with cancer. I would like for them to know that they're not alone, and to know that there are so many natural things they can do to help them through their battle with cancer. To let them know that they should get more than one opinion and to become their own advocates. The biggest accomplishment for me, would be to know that I was able to help someone else through a very difficult time.


What personal interests are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about my faith, my family, my friends, and my health. I love to run, I even get to run with Erin at times! I am passionate about cooking good food, that is also healthy. I love to teach my children about the importance of putting
the right foods into their bodies. I love to travel, prior to kids, I was a Flight Attendant for a major airline which took me all over the world. I also love learning about foreign cultures, and taking a stab at their
languages. I was blessed to have been able to learn Spanish and Swedish at a very young age.


Where can we find you on a typical weekend? 

You will find me spending time with my family. We love hiking, biking, and going to Mariner Point Park. Sundays are all about church and lazy afternoons.

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