Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pushing Pink Elephants only focused on Maryland?

The five Board members all reside in the greater Baltimore area and believe there is a need for PPE in our local communities. Our intentions are big, and we are hoping that our grassroots movement is gaining momentum and will bring volunteers from other states who will jump on board and help push our mission beyond Maryland.

 How do I donate?

Click the DONATE button on the main page to donate via credit card.  Personal checks should be mailed to PO Box 224, Abingdon, MD, 21009

I live in MD.  Why isn't my county listed?

We are currently focusing on the counties where the board members live.  If you would like to include your community, please email,  and we will get back to you. 

How do I volunteer?

Please fill out the form and we will contact you.  We are excited for all volunteers and are happy that you are considering it!

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